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Rules and Regulations (January /09)

Welcome to Buckslide Tent and Trailer Park. We hope that your stay with us is a pleasant one. The following are rules are intended to ensure that all campers have a pleasant experience while staying at the Park. These are complementary to the License of Occupation that must be completed by all Seasonal Campers. Anyone not adhering to these rules may be asked to leave the Park immediately and no refund will be issued. We suggest that a spare key be left with us for emergency purposes. When you leave the park make sure your fans, lights, water, propane, etc are all turned off. Use of the campground and its facilities is solely at your risk. Insurance on your trailer, personal possessions and for general/public liability are your responsibility. The campground is for recreational/seasonal use only.

Overnight camping check-out is 12:00 noon. Staying past this time will result in the charge of an extra night.

Please make sure that all family members and visitors know and respect the rules as you will be held responsible for their behaviour.

All rules are subject to change and will be enforced/interpreted at the sole discretion of park management. If in doubt, ask.

Above all, please remember the Golden Rule and treat others as you would expect to be treated. Buckslide is a small village and it is vital that all residents behave accordingly.

  • Water - As of June 1/06 the park will be on a purified water system that will be tested on a regular basis.

  • One family per campsite. One car per campsite- two cars maximum if the seasonal campsite permits (this to be determined at sole discretion of Park Management). No parking on empty campsites. Only one tent is allowed on a seasonal site and only for the use of the children (subject to space limitations). Site dimensions to be solely determined by park management. A family consists of a mother, father and unmarried children under 21 living at home. Camping fees apply to visitors who wish to set up on your site. No structures of any type may be erected without management approval in writing. No vehicle washing permitted or repairing permitted. Leaching pits to be used for sink and shower water only and may not be used for human body waster. Outside fridges must be enclosed in sheds and are subject to charge. Our season runs for the Victoria Day weekend to Thanksgiving weekend. Outside of these dates daily rates may be charged.

  • Seasonal fees - All fees are due upon receipt of invoice. Deposits for the following season are due no later than August 15. Failure to submit deposit may result in site being leased to another customer. It is the camper's responsibility to keep the Park advised of any address changes. Any charged services offered by the park (e.g. extra fridge, heaters, dock usage, visitors)that are not reported on a timely basis by Campers will result in a fee of double the appropriate rate.A fee of $75 will apply to NSF checks. Late deposit/fee payments (excluding site fee) will be subject to an interest charge of 2% per month and a service charge of $50. Late site fees will result in the application of the daily serviced campsite fee being applied until the balance owing is fully paid. Site fees are not transferable.

  • Boats- Must be removed by Monday of Thanksgiving weekend. Boats may be moved by Park management if required to perform maintenance or place in designated dock. Docks may not be shared.

  • Trailers- no trailers are permitted to stay in park grounds without permission in writing from Park Management and may be subject to a fee.

  • Seasonal campers must maintain their sites and if they do not the sites will be maintained by Park management at the camper's expense.

  • Garbage must be deposited in the garbage trailer and recycling rules must be strictly adhered to. Failure to do so may result in the park losing its garbage dump privileges (e.g. campers would have to transport garbage home).It is now mandatory for all garbage and recycling to be disposed of in clear plastic bags. Please check with park management if you have any questions in this regard.

  • All visitors must be registered at the store office immediately upon arrival. It is your responsibility to see that they have checked in and paid the appropriate fees. Visitor fees apply to anyone other than registered family. Trailers may not be loaned/rented without permission of the Park.

  • It is against the law to consumer alcohol off your site. No firearms or fireworks are allowed in the park.

  • No atv's , mini-bikes or similar motorized vehicles are permitted in the Park.

  • Swim in beach area only. No trespassing on the cliffs and rocks across from the beach. This is private property. Use of beach and docks is at your own risk. There are not lifeguards on duty. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Docks are not a play area. No soap or shampoo allowed in the lake. No boats allowed in the swimming area.

  • Please consider your neighbours. They do not like second-hand music, loud cars, excessive noise, lights left on after you retire, or unruly, loud pets. Do not take shortcuts through other campsites. Foul language and swearing are strictly prohibited.

  • If you decide to sell your trailer please be advised that the site does not automatically transfer to the new purchaser. For a sale to be final and include the transfer of the site the following conditions must be fulfilled. The purchaser must be approved by park management, complete the License of Occupation and pay all applicable park fees in advance of possession. The vendor must have paid any fees outstanding for seasonal or other fees.

  • Transfer fees for sites will be ten percent or three hundred and fifty dollars (whichever is greatest) of the purchase price. A license fee will also apply to lake-view and lakefront sites.

  • Quiet time is 11pm to 8 am. Noisy vehicles must not be operated in the park within those hours. Children must be on an adult supervised site by 1030pm.

  • Do not mar/cut trees for any reason. If you feel trees need pruning please advise park management.

  • All persons entering this campground do so entirely at their own risk. We assume no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged property including from power outage/surge. Campers are responsible for any damage caused by themselves or their family/guests at the park.

  • Bicycles are to be ridden slowly and with care. Throwing of stones anywhere in the park is prohibited.

  • Washrooms and Laundromat are provided for your convenience. Please help to keep them clean and tidy. Washrooms are not a play area. Laundromat is kept locked and the key is available at the office.

  • Campfires up to one metre in fire rings only and may not be left unattended. Fires must be extinguished before retiring for the night or leaving your site. All fires subject to authorities' permission or bans. Any fines for violations will be responsibility of offender.

  • Pets must be leashed or tied at all times and under control at all times. Excessive barking will not be tolerated. One pet per site is permitted unless grand fathered.

  • Pets are not allowed in washrooms, grassed areas in front of the house or on the beach. There are no exceptions. To access docks take pet via park roads. It is mandatory to clean up after your pet. Failure to obey rules will result in ban of pet in the park.

  • Only one shed per site is permitted and subject to size limits. This is not to be used as a Bunkie. Site size permitting.

  • "Add a rooms"must not be permanent structures. If deemed permanent by MPAC then camper will liable for taxes as identified by park management